Monday, 1 January 2018

I'm back...

So it's been a while... 2 years, actually... I don't know what it was that suddenly made me want to write on here, but whatever it was, I'm back, and I've got this rush inside me of wanting to bring back this very blog that made me so happy and calm. My little space of the internet, where I can write whatever I want, however I want. 

How are you? I used to have a nice little following on here. If you're currently reading this, and you used to be a follower, please let me know. In no way do I expect anyone to have stuck around or two years! But if by some miracle you have, thank you. And if you're new, welcome - it's good to have you on board!

I guess to start off with, happy new year! We have just entered 2018. I celebrated on my own, in my cosy bedroom with a bottle of Buck's Fizz and Netflix. To be perfectly honest, it was my ideal way of bringing in the new year. I've become a massive homebody over the last few years. Gone are the days of spending my evenings in nightclubs, with their obnoxiously loud music and hoards of sweaty drunks. I much prefer to spend time with my friends over a nice dinner, maybe a bar if I'm feeling particularly social, or even just a night in with Netflix and wine (can you see the theme here?). 

Maybe it would have been nice to have had my boyfriend with me to celebrate the new year (for any long-time readers, yes, I am still with dear old Tommy - we can hardly believe it either!), but I've become increasingly more comfortable at spending time on my own. Last year, I lived in a flat of my own, with my two gorgeous guinea pigs, so got very used to enjoying my own company. A few months ago, my sister got a job near me, so we decided to get a house together for a year - surprisingly, we keep out of each others way and haven't yet killed each other! 

2017 brought me a wealth of emotions. I started the year by risking a lot. I quit a job that I'd worked incredibly hard to get to, because it made me so miserable. Luckily, through closing that door, it opened a brand new one, and I am now working in a fantastically supportive environment that I actually want to wake up for. I met some incredible people this year, that have changed my outlook on a few things. I solidified friendships that already existed, spent precious time with both mine and Tommy's families, and fell even more in love with my guinea pigs. 

We also had some pretty tragic family news (more on this another time), that completely shook us all. But through the heartache and shittiness of it all, it showed that side of my family coming together in ways I've never seen before. It showed that I have some pretty incredible people in my life who I am so unbelievably proud to call my family. 

I won't promise to post on here weekly, or even monthly. From here, it's going to be a pretty casual place for me to unload my thoughts when I feel the need to. I do, however, have lots of ideas, so do stay tuned for that!

Here's to 2018 bringing us more joy, laughter and milestones (and hopefully getting me out of debt!!).

Sunday, 24 January 2016


I'm in a very strange part of my life right now. I completed my undergraduate degree last summer, and am one of the few people who chose to go straight into a career instead of just relaxing for a bit. As some of you may be aware, I chose to train to become a primary school teacher directly after graduating. Although it's an extremely tough and intense year, I don't regret it at all. Doing this course has only concreted my desire to be a part of this industry, and my love for teaching has grow immensely - I love the relationships you build with your class and the staff, and I especially love the feeling of warmth you get when that child finally "gets it". It really is one of the most rewarding jobs out there.

As much as I love this path, I can't help but feel as if I'm letting other things slip through the cracks. As it's such an intense, time consuming year, I'm finding it increasingly harder to keep in contact with some of the amazing people I met and grew close to at university. Although there are a few people that I know will still be there even if we don't talk for months on end, there are others who I feel are getting irritated by my lack of contact.

Also my opinions on things have changed too. No longer do I have any desire to go on a night out - I'd much prefer a quiet night in. I don't want to deal with loud, drunk people and stupidly loud music. I'm not 18 anymore. That life doesn't appeal to me. But it still does for a lot of my friends.

It's not that I don't want to talk or catch up - I really do! It's more the fact that my mind is completely taken up by school and uni related junk that there's just no more room left in my mind to remember to send a quick text. 

All the teachers I've been in contact with have all said that you lose a lot of friends in this job. I'm determined not to let those nearest and dearest drift away. So if you're reading this, please do just send me a message. I promise I'll reply - even if it does take me a while!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Hello, 2016

This feels strange... It's the first time in months I've actually sat down to write a blog post. In fact, I'm 90% sure I was ready to pack in the entire thing. It's difficult, losing all of the posts you worked so hard on for years. Even though I was slowly working my way through all of my old posts, trying to recover my images (we're still not finished!), I'd completely lost all motivation to blog. It was like my love for blogging had disappeared, along with all of the images. 

But this year, I want to start up again. I had so much love for this little blog, so in 2016, I want to continue to let that love grow, but this time on my own terms. I'm going to post what I like, when I like, not tying myself down to any strict schedule or timetable. That way, I won't feel under pressure to post new content, or post things that my heart just isn't in. 

I thought I'd kick things off with one of my favourite posts to look back on - a year in review! 2015 was such a lovely year for me, and I know that I'll thank myself in a few years for writing this when I look back!

Myself & T.

The start of 2015 marked our second anniversary together, where we celebrated with waistcoats, Italian food and prosecco - the recipe for a perfect night, right! 2015 was also the year that - I'm cringing already, please excuse the cheesiness - we really grew as a couple. We celebrated each others graduations together with a couple of days in Canterbury, we went on our first holiday and we also spent our first Christmas together. It's been a good year for us!

New Friends

2015 was also the year that I made some new and wonderful friends. From working at my old job, I met some truly amazing people, some of which have remained firmly in my life since leaving work, and moving away. Ellie, you've always wanted a place in my blog, so here it is! I miss you an awful lot, and I can't wait to come and visit you and Wilson again soon! And Rosie, from our Starbucks dates to dinner dates, you're one of my favourite people in the world, and I'll forever be your little pea <3


2015 was the year I visited my gorgeous friend Gaby, who was studying there on her year abroad. It was such a beautiful city, and I loved exploring with one of my nearest and dearest. 

In May, I was lucky enough to meet one of my favourite bloggers, Fleur de Force, for afternoon tea at the Berkley Hotel in London. It was so interesting to meet someone who has made a living out of blogging, and we had some really interesting chats over the most gorgeous food. 


Speaking of food, I was pretty well fed this year... 

Strada, Canterbury
Las Iguanas, Lakeside
Club Burrito, Canterbury
Pizza Express, Canterbury
Homemade Rocky Road
Chocolate Cafe, Canterbury
Afternoon Tea, Dover
Prezzo, Upminster
The Waffle House, St. Albans
Quitting My Job

As mentioned before, I met some wonderful people working at that nightclub. But my god, did I hate it there. I worked there for a little over a year, and put up with a hell of a lot that I shouldn't have. I was accused of stealing with no proof whatsoever, only to get a half-assed apology 3 weeks later. And then I was turned away from a promotion, and then lied to by the owner about why people who had only been there for a few weeks had got the promotion. That was the last straw, and I left. I don't think I've ever felt a bigger weight being lifted from my shoulders. The management were truly awful, and I wouldn't wish that treatment on anybody.

Mother-Daughter Dates

This year saw some super cute day trips with my lovely mother. We hiked the White Cliffs of Dover, and spent the day in London going to the Sky Garden, eating a prosecco fuelled dinner, and seeing Bradley Cooper in The Elephant Man. 

Exploring Canterbury

2015 was my final year in Canterbury, so I took it upon myself (and a couple of good friends!), to discover new places in my beautiful city. And it didn't disappoint. I walked the 7 mile trip to Whitstable with my friend Pedro, walking along the cycle path through the countryside scenery, and discovered a beautiful country park with my housemate Kirstie!


Speaking of my last year in Canterbury, the biggest thing to happen in 2015 was of course my graduation! In July, I graduated the University of Kent with a 2:1 in Film Studies. Honestly, the actual degree isn't that important; it got me onto my PGCE course - the most stressful, yet rewarding course ever! - to allow me to become a primary school teacher. But more importantly, it was a lovely day, celebrating the last three years with the incredible friends I'd gained along the way.

My 22nd & New Year's Eve

In December, I turned 22 years old, my Taylor Swift year, and although the day itself was pretty dull, the weekend after was fabulous. T and I went into St. Albans for dinner and drinks at a bar called The Snug, and the day after, we went ice skating at the Natural History Museum with my friends Andy and Kayley. Seriously, the most beautiful place ever! After a perfect Christmas with T and his family, and a lovely week back home, I went back to Canterbury for New Year's Eve, where I donned a flapper dress and spent an hour pinning my hair into a faux bob, all in the name o a good old fashioned 1920s party. It honestly felt like I was in The Great Gatsby.

2015, it's been a blast. Let's hope 2016 can match it!